5 Trendiest Color Themes For Wedding In 2021


A perfect wedding is a dream for every couple, and picking up the perfect color themes for wedding is not an easy decision to make. That’s why we bring this guide to inspire the recently engaged couple who are planning to set their big day in 2021.

We will help you make beautiful memories with your family and friends that can’t be evaded from the camera of your wedding photographer. Luckily, by learning about the trendiest color themes for wedding ideas for your special day, you can throw the best ceremony for you and your partner.

1.      Dye All With Green

If you are planning to celebrate your wedding with green foliage décor, this is your color themes for wedding. Green is famous for being praised for a big day, as you can see it everywhere and it defines nature. It’s a happy color for everyone with a lot of exciting elements.

Deep emerald green color will completely transform the space and gives off a dreamy vibe of fairytale romance to the couple. Indeed, this sage color is great to have in 2021.

2.      Bloom All With Purple

Setting purple for the wedding theme can be rich and romantic for the couple. This bold color can easily catch the interest of the guests and reclaim everything beautiful in sight. Its versatility makes it an appealing choice for every season and wedding style.

In case you have availed drone aerial photography services for your wedding, then purple will definitely catch every sweet memory, including the big picture of the whole themed venue.

3.      Dazzle All With Black

Black is bold – Black is high on trends in 2021. Black is the color that easily stands out in the crowd, making it the best choice of color themes for wedding. With this color, you have the option here to wear a white gown and shine among the crowd while your best gals dress up all in black.

You may even kick-off your wedding celebration with the perfect black and gold combo invitation cards and a mysterious black cake with the touch of camera-shinning glitters.

4.      Paint All With Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is not just a color but an enchanting ideogram itself! It blends perfectly with all the other colors to give the venue a splendid look. The bouquet of dusty rose looks stunning with the bride’s white gown, giving her an elegant appearance.

You can use a delicate laser-cut pattern to leave your guests in awe, while your wedding videographer can record all these memories in his camera for you.

5.      Get Royal With Classic Blue

Classic blue is the color that goes right with all your wedding aspects. You can use it for table linens or invitation cards. You can also incorporate this color with the groom’s suit to give a royalty look.

Make your wedding classy with classic blue!

In A Nutshell

A wedding is a day that makes everyone emotional, so why not making it colorful for the couple? So, then they will have many special memories to reminisce about in the future.

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