Beginner’s Guide to Become a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Beginner’s Guide to Become a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Photography plays an integral role in almost every business, even real estate. And with the increasing significance of every business moving online, a strong portfolio is vital for effective promotion, specially as a photographer.

A professional shoot can make a vital difference in leaving an impactful impression on the customer. If you are about to start your journey as a real estate photographer, let us tell you some active and practical tips that will enable you to produce the best results.

The Big Question

Is taking photos of buildings interesting?

It is if you know the right way to do it!

A visual representation can leave a long-lasting effect on the viewer, and therefore, producing images can either make or break the deal. Real estate will always be a thriving business, so the demand for a real estate photographer.

How Much Should I Charge?

If it is a start on this new path as a real estate photographer, then stay a bit easy on your charges. You can start with low prices, and with time as you gain experience, you can increase your service value. But compromising quality should never be an option as it plays an integral role in retaining your old and gaining new customers.

Things You Should Consider for Quality Real State Photography

It is about time we talk about the necessary equipment you would need for doing exceptional real estate photography:


A camera that shoots manually would be a good option. A DSLR with crop (lens 10-22mm or 12-24 mm) or full-frame sensor (lens 16-35 mm) would do the job. Choose a camera that enables you to add a cable release, different lenses and lets you add a cable release. A wide-angle lens will produce rich results. As it will make the rooms look bigger and spacious. 

With Tilt-shift lenses’ help, you can take sharp angles photos of walls, edges, or door frames. The only drawback is they provide a fixed focal length, so if you are considering opting for some perspective, then going for a zoom lens would be a great choice.  

A tripod would make the entire process steadier. Regardless of the angle, you want to go for a specific location. Your photos should avoid any motion blur. You can use the self-timer, wireless triggers, or cable release to avoid any irrelevant camera movements. Therefore, shooting techniques play an integral role in bringing out exceptional results. With photos, stability counts a lot. If the shutter speed is low, avoid touching the camera at all to avoid any unstable shots.

Instead, you can go for a remote trigger.

Real estate photography is all about taking timeless and captivating pictures. Stability is one reason that a tripod is a highly essential tool for outstanding results. It retains the perspective in a suitable form providing proper consistency throughout the shoot.


Flash has always been a savior in times of darkness. It has proved itself to be equally significant and valuable in real estate photography. With locations that have poor lighting, flash is the ultimate choice.

There are two main types of flashes: Flashguns and Monolights. If you are looking for a cheaper option, Flashguns is the way to go. And if you are planning to photograph more open spaces that you should opt for monolights. Why? Because they offer a brighter output.

When it comes to off-camera flash, a flash trigger is required.

If we talk about bare flash, then the result they produce might not come out to be as expected. Especially when you are taking a picture, and there is no bounce light. In that case, opting for light modifiers would be a good option.

Shooting umbrellas can help you take photos of small spaces since they are lightweight and convenient to carry.

Moreover, we cannot ignore to mention light stands for your flash units. You may want to buy the regular ones as well as C-stands for your massive monolights.

It may sound a lot, but to explain it in simple words, for real estate photography, you need the same significant and leading equipment required for any other shoots, i.e., a camera, lens, and a tripod.

Basics of Real Estate Photography

Although you can go as creative and as different as possible, certain shots are a mandatory part of each real estate photography, mentioned below:

Take a minimum of two wide-angle shots of bedrooms, living room, and kitchen—a picture of the garage, laundry room, pantry, and bathroom. Take more than one photo of the backyard. And most importantly, a beautiful shot of the front of the home.

You can take other shots too, but these are some of the must-haves you should not ignore.

To make matters more interestingyou can discuss beforehand with the real estate agent about the kind of photoshoot they want so you can quickly meet their expectations. Also, it will remove any grain of doubt, if present any, and make the entire process smooth and a breeze.

Become Even Better With Simple Steps

Now that we have discussed in-depth the tools and equipment you should choose for a stellar real estate photo shoot. We will discuss a little bit of other significant factors you should consider.

They are equally essential to make you better at providing professional photography services.

Before going on a shoot, prepare yourself with all the necessary equipment a day before. If you can keep two of one thing, do so. Make sure that everything is charged, and do not forget to keep that camera charger. It is significant to keep a separate bag and tick mark all the items in the list that you should take with you one day before.

Beforehand giving out your real estate photography services, clarify every detail and specification of carrying out the shoot with the real estate agent.

If you contact the homeowner directly, do not hesitate to provide them with all your requirements, such as making the home ready for a professional photoshoot. You would not want to go the next day and wait till they clean their rooms before you can start.

Since each home is unique and structured differently, it is vital to take your time to observe every nook and corner to produce better results. As it would help you understand the angles you should work on to make the final product exceptionally appealing.

Choose All Photos Considered For Quality Real Estate Photographers

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Being a real estate photographer is just as interesting as any other photography. And you do need the right kind of real estate photographer to make your property hard to ignore.

Learning to capture the architecture requires consistent practice. It is not something you become skilled at in one night. With time, you will understand your photography style that will further enhance your photography skills and greatly expand your real estate photography services.

Start with small steps, and you will gradually move towards considerable improvements.

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