Top Locations For Pre-Wedding Shoot In 2021

A pre-wedding shoot allows you to capture candid memories, making the main event flawless in the sense of photography. However, when setting a theme, the location of the wedding plays a crucial role. Many people hire wedding photography services to make their photoshoot sound and more professional.

In this current era, the most famous spots in the world capture the eyes of many influencers and tourists. They constantly focus on seizing an ‘Insta-worthy’ shot. Like them, if you select a famous location for a pre-wedding shoot, it can make your main event worthwhile.  Here is a list of international destinations for your pre-wedding photoshoot that will reveal the wonders of nature to you and your partner. Making your photoshoot jaw-droppingly gorgeous for everyone.

1.      Banff National Park Of Canada

Banff National Park is an absolute beauty and a romantic location for you to spend time with your partner. Moreover, the snowclad mountain peaks, azure blue waters, and jagged rocks make your pre-wedding photoshoot more mesmerizing. At the same time green pine trees give each picture a vibrant backdrop. In short, this destination is perfect for your wedding photoshoot.

2.      Madagascar’s Avenue Of The Baobabs

Basking in the sunlight and filled to the brim, Avenue of Baobabs in Madagascar is a haven for ardent nature lovers and a fantastic location for a photo shoot. Its signature towering trees feel like a different world untouched by humanity, making them perfect for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

3.      Hallstatt Of Austria

Hallstatt in Austria is a destination that can transport you back in time when the world was a simpler place. With less pollution, destruction, and advancement. This place exudes a distinctly old world with a touch of European charm.

Hallstatt is filled with churches that can take you back to the 12th century of the medieval age. This UNESCO world heritage town can fit perfectly in your ‘pre-wedding destination list.’ So, are you ready to give your pre-wedding shoot a unique twist of a classic architect?

4.      Coromandel Peak Of New Zealand

Coromandel Peak of New Zealand offers you stunning sights of mountainous lakes and landscapes all around the year. The sort of sights that you can enjoy with a bird’s eye view with ease. It is a paradise of nature for mountain lovers, making it an ideal spot for a romantic pre-wedding photoshoot for couples.

5.      Ukraine’s Tunnel Of Love

The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine is surrounded by lush green arches of foliage, making it a unique railway line for couples to photoshoot their memorable days. It is one of the utmost places for tourists all around the world. With its eerily magical aura, this spot is a worthy aspirant for a pre-wedding shoot.

6.      Monument Valley Of Utah

Monument Valley is an iconic symbol of the western part of America that instantly enchants the senses with its raw beauty. It sparks a delightful contrast with the pure blue sky, making it an outstanding destination for pre-wedding shoots. During this golden hour, your professional wedding photographer can take breathtaking pictures that capture a varied color palette as a backdrop.

7.      Hallerbos of Belgium

Hallerbos of Belgium is also known as ‘The Blue Forest’ because of the staggering amount of bluebells that bloom here during springtime. This destination is the most exemplary showcase of nature located near central Belgium, conveniently close to the nearby town of Halle. Thus, you and your partner do not have to worry about travel logistics while preparing things for your pre-wedding shoot.

8.      Maldives’s Sea Of Stars

The Sea of Stars in the Maldives are the magical phenomena bestowed by nature that have constantly awed everyone worldwide. The crashing waves at night seem sprinkled with stars that have fallen from the night sky to the ground, making a perfect spot for your pre-wedding shoot. However, your wedding photographer needs appropriate lighting equipment with camera lenses to capture photos in the dark.

9.      Tulip Fields of Netherlands

The Tulip fields in the Netherlands are a must-visit destination for every couple, especially at the time of spring when Tulips are at their best to stun people with their beauty. This tourist magnet is a quiet place that keeps you away from prying eyes while you pose in the fields.

10. Cappadocia Of Turkey

Cappadocia treats the eyes with its raw, jagged, and earthy beauty paired with a sky dotted with colorful air balloons. It is a highly convenient tourist destination located in the heart of Turkey. A pre-wedding shoot in such a place will indeed produce sigh-inducing pictures for everyone to see that you and your partner can treasure forever.

11. Rakotzbrücke of Germany

Rakotzbrücke is also called ‘The Devil’s Bridge’ due to the perfect circle it forms when seen with its reflection in the water. It is representing Germany as an icon since the 19th century. This bridge symbolizes eternity, and when joined with its semi-circular reflection, it lends a dreamy vibe to every picture making a perfect shoot spot for couples.

In A Nutshell

All these places consist of history as well as beauty, and they all symbolize love and affection with nature making every destination perfect for pre-wedding shoots.

In case you need wedding photography services, contact All Photos Considered for the best experience.


How Wedding Videos Capture Beautiful Moments

Wedding is the most significant event of one’s life. It is a life-changing occasion that opens a new chapter while bringing hope for a better, happy future. The sentimental value of this occasion makes it even vital to capture every moment perfectly.

Since a wedding is an extraordinary event, a photographer should go the extra mile to produce highly professional and remarkable results. As a videographer, making videos at a wedding is not easy. Instead, it requires a good amount of experience combined with consistent practice.

Apart from utilizing the right equipment, becoming a professional at wedding videos requires team effort. So if you are devising a plan to initiate a videography business, you need to make sure that your entire team is professionally trained and possesses the necessary skills to craft excellent results. For example, All Photos Considered provides outstanding event photography services. They know how to do it all proficiently, from wedding photography services, portrait photography services, and event videographer services.

Wedding videos are primarily about capturing those brief yet extraordinary moments into something that can be held on to and treasured in the future. As a wedding videographer, you should know the art of showing those moments as an enchanting fairytale.

Without any delay, let’s dive into how to capture these memorable moments beautifully:

Discussion with The Host

It is vital to have a meeting or a detailed discussion with the soon-to-be-married couple. That helps in understanding the preferences and their particular style they want their event to be covered. It is an excellent opportunity to open up for the two parties to build a connection of mutual understanding so both can stay on the same page. It greatly aids in opening doors for creativity as you both become well-aware of each other’s direction.

These discussions also give a clear guideline to the wedding videographer of the entire event’s schedule, allowing the videography team to stay proactive during the whole event. As they already know the sequence of the way the event is going to unfold. It significantly reduces the chances of missing out on capturing a special moment. Also, there may be some reception that would require specific rules or regulations to be followed or may ask a proof of insurance to let you do your job. Knowing all this beforehand gives a videographer the leverage of preparing themselves properly.

Pack Up The Essentials

There have been weddings when the capturing that most-awaited moment was asked to be paused by the videographer. Why? Because their batteries died. It snatches away all the fun and excitement within few seconds, while you can see the annoyance on the bride and groom’s face. It is their big day, and things like these shouldn’t be happening.

The right kind of wedding videography that you watch, and by right, we mean where everything runs smoothly, and you can see a genuine smile on everyone’s face, even on the videographer’s face, is because of the timely preparation. No one likes a cameraman running all around the hall worried. Wise videographers take their heavy bag of equipment and place them in a corner while only carrying the essential items with them. The lighter you are, the better you will perform.

A camera and the needed lens are enough, along with the batteries fully charged. Not to mention, since charging can become a hassle, a backup of extra batteries and formatted memory cards is always a good plan.

Audio is a crucial part of videography. Therefore, the equipment that you are using should be able to capture the audio. The sound quality is essential, which is you should have more than one audio source recording and some external recorders. If the event has a DJ, your system should have the feature of plugging it into the soundboard.

Old-Style Shots Are Still Classy

As much as wedding videography and event photography are transforming, some things never lose touch. No matter how extravagant a wedding day shoot is, don’t forget to take some of those typical, traditional wedding shots. For example, when taking vows or cutting cake. They still do magic and leave a charming effect.

Turn Low Lights Into Fun

The venue and lighting are not in control of a videographer. But a videographer should be well prepared to deal with it.

Take your lights to avoid any last-minute problems. There are certain shots you may want to take after the venue lights are turned dim. And that might be the time to take some relevant photos. Under such circumstances, you can use your light to capture those fascinating shots.


Capturing the right moments is a difficult task. It takes a good amount of effort and commitment to bring out exceptional results. It requires detailed planning and proper preparation.

In conclusion, if you want to become a successful wedding videographer, offering quality wedding videographer services, learn the art of capturing beautiful moments, and make videos that leave an emotional impact. You need to understand the significance of the event for the couple and their family. It is always better to talk to the couple, visit the venue, and use the correct equipment to avoid any troubles in the event’s final moments.


10 Most Popular Types Of Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is about capturing people’s spirit and their personalities. But, sometimes, it often goes beyond a photo of a smiling person, which made it a separate genre of photography, and in this blog, we will explore more sub-genres of it.

Many photographers often specialize in just one or two portrait photography styles to polish their skills in limited areas. Only professional portrait photographers know how to tackle the different sub-genres in different themes and scenarios.

Here are ten types of portrait photography that you should know for your upcoming photo sessions.

1.      Traditional Portraits

Traditional portrait photography often depicts the subject of looking at the camera to give their best look. This sub-genre of portrait photography is usually shot in a studio with a formal backdrop because people need these photos primarily for their ID card, paperwork, visa, etc.

However, try hiring professional portrait photography services when going for a traditional portrait style because you need to look perfect in your university ID card photo, right?

2.      Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle portraits are the opposite of traditional portraits that capture people in an everyday environment. It aims to capture the ordinary things to get the best of everyday life. Instead of a studio, this sub-genre of photography takes place in an environment that is familiar to the subject. For example, in a particular family’s home, school, or any special place.

Lifestyle portrait pictures are not the same as in the traditional sense, but they often have a limited time to capture a series of portraits. Lifestyle photographers often direct their subjects to perform acts that look natural, like they ask siblings to jump on the bed or ask them to hug each other, etc. Most clients prefer lifestyle portrait because it resembles the real-life and real them!

3.      Candid Portraits

The best example of this genre is street photography. Street photographers often take candid photos of the people they encounter during their trips. There is no setup, direction, or posing but only reality. The photographers get inspiration from the position the person is taking. Simultaneously, light, environment, and other factors create a spontaneous shoot.

4.      Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are a mix of lifestyle portrait photography and traditional portrait photography. In this genre, the subject and the environment both have equal importance. It takes place in specific locations which have special meaning to the person. That location could be a home, office, football ground, cricket stadium, ballet studio, or a favorite outdoor place.

Although the location is important but environmental portraits still use posing techniques. It is not informal as lifestyle photography, and neither it’s formal like traditional photography. The professional portrait photographer use poses and lighting to work best with the environment.

5.      Fine Art Portraits

Many people argue that fine art is something that should hang in an art gallery. However, a fine art portrait can be a special edition on the walls of a family home. The artwork and artistic societies inspire this genre. Some of the fine art photographers model their portrait photography after Renaissance painting.

While other photographers get creative with make-up, posing, wardrobe, and photo editing, fine art photography encompasses conceptual and surreal portraits for the clients.

6.      Glamour Portraits

This genre is also known as beauty portrait as the subject’s beauty is the main focus of this portrait style. It often involves using professional make-up artists and planning the wardrobe for the shoot.

Glamour photography is also sensual, which is design to highlight the woman’s beauty in outdoor settings. This genre emphasizes the subject and not what they are wearing, unlike fashion photography.

7.      Boudoir Portraits

Unlike Glamour photography, Boudoir takes place indoors, such as in the bedroom, library, or any part of the home. Boudoir celebrates sensuality in women. For example, when capturing a lady through the lens while reading a book in the bedroom. The very purpose of this genre is to boost women’s confidence.

8.      Conceptual Portraits

This sub-genre of portrait photography captures ideas and concepts within a portrait image. To capture it, professional photographers often use props, locations, or photo editing to achieve the target image.

As conceptual photography encompasses ideas, it makes the possibilities endless. Perspective manipulation, levitation, wardrobe tricks, and make-up are standard in conceptual photography. Photoshop stunts and post-processing are also a part of this genre.

9.      Group Portraits

A portrait does not always revolve around a single entity. It can be a photo of couples, families, friends, and other groups together in one picture. For professional portrait photographers, taking pictures of one person is easy compared to fixing a group of people in one portrait. The more people, the more interaction will occur in the photo, and the photographer has to manage it all.

10.      Surreal Portraits

Surrealism inspired Surreal portraits to be an artistic style that feels like a daydream. Generally, surreal portraits involve Photoshop because you cannot create something that doesn’t exist in reality.  However, with the help of props, wardrobe, and other photo tricks, it can be possible to a limited extent.

Surreal portraits spill out dreams into reality, which is a tough job for a photographer, but the outcome is often stunning when done well.

In A Nutshell

Portraits capture the difference in people in every way possible while creating various photography genres and styles.

It’s important to get to know the person you take photos of! Observe what your subject is and which portrait genre best fits their personality. This way, you will capture better portraits that represent the subject in the best light.

In case you need professional photography services for your event, contact All Photos Considered for the best results.


Mother’s Day Photoshoot Idea

With Mother’s Day approaching, it is high time to start preparing for giving an ultimate Mother’s Day photoshoot experience to our supermoms. Our mothers are the most beautiful and wonderful part of our life, a treasured gift without whom our world seems incomplete and dull.

Mother’s Day is the best chance to give a dream-filled experience to your mom. An opportunity that can make her feel special because she deserves this and so much more. If you are also planning to do a Mother’s Day photo shoot, then All Photos Considered is here to share the photoshoot ideas with you that will create long-lasting memories with your mom.

For the Mother’s Day photoshoot, you first need to decide the theme, whether you want an indoor shoot or outdoor, the kind of background, or certain elements that you want to place in the frame to showcase your perfect and loving relationship. You can make a list to be clear about the goals you want to achieve.

Recreating The Past

If you ask us, recreating old photos will never go out of style. They are probably quite interesting to look at and leave a big smile on your face. It leaves a sentimental effect and a nostalgic feel to see the amount of time passed so quickly. And the way everything has just become even better with time. To see the kids all grown up and now taking care of you is truly a blissful sight.

If you are going for this idea, you need to take out that box of old photos. Pick anyone that you like the most or that you think will turn out to be a fantastic recreation. You can also go for a funny snap to make things exciting and hilarious. Now all you have to do is match the pose, location, outfits, and last but not least, the expressions.

Matching Outfits

A picture says a thousand words, and matching outfits can speak it even louder. The best part about this idea is regardless of the age, you both can go for it. And it looks downright spectacular.

The dress style is entirely your choice. You can go super casual or wear dresses. You may even choose a matching color palette and shades to make things interesting. It would greatly help if you were careful about the style details in this one.

Generation Portrait

Capturing several generations in a single frame seems simply powerful and incredible. It is a great way to show the similarities and differences that have taken place as time has moved forward; A piece that is genuinely cherishable.

It can be a portrait for everyone to look at with awe, as it defines your generation within a single shot.

Cooking Sounds Interesting

Some of us might not love cooking, but anything can become interesting when doing it with our momsAnd since you will be highly immersed in it, you won’t even remember if anyone is taking the pictures. And they will come out to be natural and full of fun, showcasing the true love and affectionate relationship between you and your mom.

With genuine emotions and sincere laughs, everything will become magical.

Young? Time For Fun

You can arrange a slumber party with your kids and capture all the fun and enthralling moments. You can pose as eating your favorite candy, jumping on the bed, doing a crazy twist, or playing with toys. These kinds of shoots are adorable to capture and are a great reminder that takes us back every time we look at them.

Outdoor Shooting

An outdoor shoot can add rich vibrancy and energy to the entire photoshoot. And it does not have to be only mother-daughter. You can even go for a family shoot. It would be amazing to make it a team effort to make our moms feel extra special and their significance in our lives.

Dressing Up

Every woman loves to dress up. A mother-daughter duo doing just that can seem like a wonderful sight to view. You can do a photoshoot around getting reading, putting on makeup, and having the most fabulous time with each other.

You can also create a whole scenario such as sharing a meal or doing some activity to add a taste of making it look more natural.

Close Portrait

A close portrait is a reflection of the unbreakable, irreplaceable relation you have with your mom. You can take it from a different angle than usual to make it look even more dramatic and effectively powerful. You two can either lie down together in a specific pose or sit with each other hugging, showing the loving relationship between a mother and a daughter. The embrace says it all.

Or you can even capture a snap of a mom’s kiss to the daughter. It is simple yet graceful.

All Photo Considered offers professional portrait photography for every event.


Mother’s Day is unique, and a Mother’s Day photoshoot can make it memorable. The bond between a mother and a daughter is hard to put into simple words, but we can save it in a single picture. All Photos Considered is here to capture delightful moments with quality and perfection with their professional photography servicesWith our extensive experience, we will make every moment extraordinary


Advantages of Aerial Photography – All Photos Considered

Aerial photography has always been interesting as it has never failed to provide scenes of exquisite beauty. It can be primarily due to the reason that we do it in a slightly different way. You don’t have to stand similar to how we usually do for a regular camera. And the view it provides is even stunning and breathtaking. It gives a bigger and better picture that propels you to keep looking at it for long.

Aerial photography has widened our options for viewing a location. When once we only used to see an area from a single angle, today we can get a bird’s eye view swiftly. The wish to somehow go up in the air to reach a more comprehensive outlook is efficiently achievable due to Aerial Photography.

French photographer and balloonist Nadar was the first person to do aerial photography in the year 1858. As time passes by, the use of aerial photography widens for more than one purpose. Apart from its usage in topographical mapping, it is playing a prominent role in other areas, including filming, videography, special events, and more.

Advantages of Aerial Photography

Let’s look into some of the exciting advantages Aerial Photography has to offer:

  • It provides a clear and crisp view of large areas that enables us to see the earth’s surface and attain maximum geographic awareness.
  • The level of details an aerial photograph provides is hard to see through our normal eyes.
  • Instead of viewing a photo from one angle, we can get a three-dimensional view of a particular surface, i.e., stereoscopic view.
  • Due to the time-freezing feature, it can thoroughly preserve the situation of a particular point in time.
  • It is a considerably cheaper, safer, and reliable way of taking photographs.
  • Photos are easily accessible as you don’t have to wait for days to view the photograph.

Types of Aerial Photographs

The aerial photographs divide into the following categories:

  • Vertical photographs
  • High oblique photographs
  • Low oblique photographs

With so much to offer, Aerial Photography has a lot of advantages when it comes to the coverage of special events:

Aerial Photography For Special Events

With times, aerial photography has played an integral part in events such as corporate parties, weddings, graduation parties, etc. It has undoubtedly made event coverage quite fascinating.

One of the reasons is the vast benefits it offers that subtract the presence of having a photographer standing all the time around you. It is achievable while maintaining social distancing and not missing out on the special moments.

Moreover, you get a broader, aerial view of the event that makes it richly aesthetic and extravagant. A single snapshot can give you a detailed image of the area that would otherwise require many pictures to cover. Whether it is an outdoor event or indoor, the view from the top is always mesmerizing.

Aerial Photography For Real Estate

With a real estate business, taking pictures with a regular camera may not be the right choice. If you want to make your place in the highly competitive real estate industry, hiring a professional real estate photographer is better.

Some significant advantages of professional real estate photography are:

  • It will provide the right angles to enhance the overall significance of the land/property, allowing your clients a better view of the amenities.
  • It will easily cover the complete scope of the land.
  • Given that Hollywood effect, you enhance the landmark footage and stunningly showcase the property with aerial photography.
  • It provides angles that are otherwise unable to take through a regular camera. An effective way to give a detailed view of the property is that clients find it quite interesting to explore.

Aerial photography is undoubtedly a great way to market your product, make yourself competitive, and impress your clients, and experience better sales.

Aerial Photography For Event Promotion

Drone photography is the new mainstream. It can be a great way to perform effective marketing of your business. A drone flying up in the air can give a remarkable view of the entire event. It looks pretty natural and exciting to have a broader view of how an event is unrolling and that everyone is having a wonderful time.

Apart from the countless number of angles you can utilize, you can provide live streaming of the event to make things even more enjoyable. You can use the aerial photos for marketing purposes on several social media platforms – a great way to attract the audience.

With so much to offer, it is time to utilize a drone for your next campaign.

Can You Do Aerial Photography?

Of course! You can do it. Anyone can do it. But the thing is, it does require a good amount of practice and learning before becoming a pro. You would want to take several shots to get the right kind of high-quality picture.

However, if you have just stepped into this journey, then it is better to hire a professional photographer for your events before you are completely ready. You can consult All Photos Considered and look into their incredible and highly skilled aerial photography service.

All Photos Considered – Best Aerial Photography Service

All Photos Considered, we are a renowned name in the photography industry. We provide excellent professional photography services that will change your perspective of event coverage services from good to extraordinary. We offer our services for construction projects, documenting events, real estate, and more. Our aerial footage provides all the information you need to deliver to your audience creatively and productively. Our Aerial Photography and event videographer services will leave your customers stunned and awe-inspired.


Aerial photography greatly aids in taking photos that are impossible to capture from the ground. Now we don’t have to hire a helicopter service and go through the dreadful licensing procedure to take the most beautiful aerial view of an event. Nothing is impossible to capture with the high-tech technology and great drone aerial photography services from All Photos Considered.


Cool Photography Ideas for The Graduates of 2021

For senior students, graduation is a momentous occasion that passes in a flurry of excitement and joy. It is like a bridge connecting students’ hard work to success in professional life; that’s why we need the camera’s eye to capture it.

Whether you appoint a professional photographer or ask your best friend to take pictures, it’s crucial to bring some ideas to the table. After all, they are your senior portraits that will last forever from generation to generation.

Some amazing and cool photography ideas for graduates to pose with graduation cap and gown for a memorable picture.

1.      The One Where You Hold a Photo as a First Grader

It is a unique picture idea in which you are standing in your graduation dress while holding a photo of your first grade to depict how far you have come in this long journey. So, dig up your first-grade photo for an extra dose of nostalgia.

It is a meaningful pose to show how fast time passes by. The final picture will serve as an excellent souvenir for the grads to remember their hard work. You can also create a framed photo art by presenting a collection of your photos over time.

2.      The One Where You Throw the Cap

Student commonly throws their caps in the air upon graduating. However, you can make the pose a little better by capturing the shots in some creative and mix-up locations. Think about some noteworthy spots like a famous statue, campus fountain, elevated vantage point, near the seaside, mountains, etc.

Ask your professional portrait photographer to take multiple shots of hat throw because you don’t know how the cap may seem in the end.

3.      The One Where You Stand with School Mascot

A school mascot is famous for bringing good luck to a school, so practically, it will bring luck to your grad’s next chapter, too, right?

Try to choose a senior picture idea with a bit of school pride and hug the mascot one last time. Another alternative is that to hold a stuffed animal that also represents your school mascot.

4.      The One Where You Pose Sports Action Shots

Capturing a student’s passion is perhaps the most robust graduation photo idea. All-star athletes and performers such as football, soccer, actors, musicians, cheerleading, etc., will appreciate showing off their talents.

The students can pose this shot wearing their graduation cap and gown or go utterly casual in their sports uniform. The choice is theirs that how they want to capture this special moment. So, hire a professional photographer who is skilled at capturing action shots.

5.      The One Where You Hold Graduation Balloons

Grab some balloons in the school colors and head to an outdoor spot to capture a beautiful picture will all so colorful balloons. This graduation photo idea is very simple and can be adapted to celebrate the success of various age ranges, such as balloons that reads kindergarten or newcomers will help broadcast the moments in time because balloons are universally age-appropriate and fun.

6.      The One Where You Wear Props from The New Profession

Due to the Covid-19 global outbreak, the grads of 2021 have worked hard more than any generation for their degree. They have tried their best to fix up for a working world. Thus, incorporating props from the profession to come on your graduation day is a brilliant photography ideas for graduates.

For example, the medical grads can wear a stethoscope around their neck, whereas; civil engineers can wear a hardhat on their heads. An accountant might have a mini-calculator spiking out of their pocket, and future teachers can use a mini chalkboard to portray their dedication.

7.      The One Where You Pose with Classmates

Ask your event photographer to take pictures that show your whole kindergarten class, college roommates, fellow athletes, and any other close friends you made along the way. This is a great way to show affection and admiration for the people you cherish most in your life. By taking photos with them, you can look back on memories later in life.

8.      The One Where You Hold a Caption Sign

Let the humor of the grads come to the vanguard with this pose. Provide your daughter or son with a blank chalkboard or card paper and let them come up with a quote to write it on. It can be anything that they want to say on their graduation day, like “I’m done!”, “It’s been a real pleasure,” “Ready for Sleep,” “The Tassel was Worth the Hassle,” or “It’s not the end, but a new beginning.”

In A Nutshell

These photography ideas for graduates will help you a lot, even to get that perfect Instagram picture. So, make your graduation an unforgettable day and enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

If you want to hire photographers online for your graduation party, contact All Photos Considered for the best shots.


Beginner’s Guide to Become a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Photography plays an integral role in almost every business, even real estate. And with the increasing significance of every business moving online, a strong portfolio is vital for effective promotion, specially as a photographer.

A professional shoot can make a vital difference in leaving an impactful impression on the customer. If you are about to start your journey as a real estate photographer, let us tell you some active and practical tips that will enable you to produce the best results.

The Big Question

Is taking photos of buildings interesting?

It is if you know the right way to do it!

A visual representation can leave a long-lasting effect on the viewer, and therefore, producing images can either make or break the deal. Real estate will always be a thriving business, so the demand for a real estate photographer.

How Much Should I Charge?

If it is a start on this new path as a real estate photographer, then stay a bit easy on your charges. You can start with low prices, and with time as you gain experience, you can increase your service value. But compromising quality should never be an option as it plays an integral role in retaining your old and gaining new customers.

Things You Should Consider for Quality Real State Photography

It is about time we talk about the necessary equipment you would need for doing exceptional real estate photography:


A camera that shoots manually would be a good option. A DSLR with crop (lens 10-22mm or 12-24 mm) or full-frame sensor (lens 16-35 mm) would do the job. Choose a camera that enables you to add a cable release, different lenses and lets you add a cable release. A wide-angle lens will produce rich results. As it will make the rooms look bigger and spacious. 

With Tilt-shift lenses’ help, you can take sharp angles photos of walls, edges, or door frames. The only drawback is they provide a fixed focal length, so if you are considering opting for some perspective, then going for a zoom lens would be a great choice.  

A tripod would make the entire process steadier. Regardless of the angle, you want to go for a specific location. Your photos should avoid any motion blur. You can use the self-timer, wireless triggers, or cable release to avoid any irrelevant camera movements. Therefore, shooting techniques play an integral role in bringing out exceptional results. With photos, stability counts a lot. If the shutter speed is low, avoid touching the camera at all to avoid any unstable shots.

Instead, you can go for a remote trigger.

Real estate photography is all about taking timeless and captivating pictures. Stability is one reason that a tripod is a highly essential tool for outstanding results. It retains the perspective in a suitable form providing proper consistency throughout the shoot.


Flash has always been a savior in times of darkness. It has proved itself to be equally significant and valuable in real estate photography. With locations that have poor lighting, flash is the ultimate choice.

There are two main types of flashes: Flashguns and Monolights. If you are looking for a cheaper option, Flashguns is the way to go. And if you are planning to photograph more open spaces that you should opt for monolights. Why? Because they offer a brighter output.

When it comes to off-camera flash, a flash trigger is required.

If we talk about bare flash, then the result they produce might not come out to be as expected. Especially when you are taking a picture, and there is no bounce light. In that case, opting for light modifiers would be a good option.

Shooting umbrellas can help you take photos of small spaces since they are lightweight and convenient to carry.

Moreover, we cannot ignore to mention light stands for your flash units. You may want to buy the regular ones as well as C-stands for your massive monolights.

It may sound a lot, but to explain it in simple words, for real estate photography, you need the same significant and leading equipment required for any other shoots, i.e., a camera, lens, and a tripod.

Basics of Real Estate Photography

Although you can go as creative and as different as possible, certain shots are a mandatory part of each real estate photography, mentioned below:

Take a minimum of two wide-angle shots of bedrooms, living room, and kitchen—a picture of the garage, laundry room, pantry, and bathroom. Take more than one photo of the backyard. And most importantly, a beautiful shot of the front of the home.

You can take other shots too, but these are some of the must-haves you should not ignore.

To make matters more interestingyou can discuss beforehand with the real estate agent about the kind of photoshoot they want so you can quickly meet their expectations. Also, it will remove any grain of doubt, if present any, and make the entire process smooth and a breeze.

Become Even Better With Simple Steps

Now that we have discussed in-depth the tools and equipment you should choose for a stellar real estate photo shoot. We will discuss a little bit of other significant factors you should consider.

They are equally essential to make you better at providing professional photography services.

Before going on a shoot, prepare yourself with all the necessary equipment a day before. If you can keep two of one thing, do so. Make sure that everything is charged, and do not forget to keep that camera charger. It is significant to keep a separate bag and tick mark all the items in the list that you should take with you one day before.

Beforehand giving out your real estate photography services, clarify every detail and specification of carrying out the shoot with the real estate agent.

If you contact the homeowner directly, do not hesitate to provide them with all your requirements, such as making the home ready for a professional photoshoot. You would not want to go the next day and wait till they clean their rooms before you can start.

Since each home is unique and structured differently, it is vital to take your time to observe every nook and corner to produce better results. As it would help you understand the angles you should work on to make the final product exceptionally appealing.

Choose All Photos Considered For Quality Real Estate Photographers

All Photos Considered, amongst other services, provides professional real estate photographers. If you seek a reliable and excellent photography service provider and want to learn the secrets to quality photography, All Photos Considered is the name you should choose. They know all the skills to showcase a property through the lens that makes it stand out. They even provide a video walk-through of the place, interior, and exterior. With their superb drone services, the location looks so stunning that it leaves the audience awe-inspired every time


Being a real estate photographer is just as interesting as any other photography. And you do need the right kind of real estate photographer to make your property hard to ignore.

Learning to capture the architecture requires consistent practice. It is not something you become skilled at in one night. With time, you will understand your photography style that will further enhance your photography skills and greatly expand your real estate photography services.

Start with small steps, and you will gradually move towards considerable improvements.


Why Should You Choose a Professional Headshot Photographer?

Do you often find yourself thinking, “Why should I choose a professional headshot photographer?” Well, worry no more. The following post will explain the importance headshot photography holds and why you need to hire a professional for it.

What Is Headshot Photography?

A headshot is a digital portrait, where the main focus is the face of the subject placed in front of the camera. Professional headshots work as greetings. They give the viewer the perfect introduction of a person. Headshots are primarily used for corporate purposes.

However, with social media becoming more interconnected with personal and professional life, people opt for professional-styled headshots. These headshots are now being used for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.

In general, headshot photography itself is a phenomenal way for people to market themselves. Be it corporate workers or Instagram influences; everyone needs a good professional headshot. It can be used as a fantastic marketing tool. It further allows people to establish connections with their potential clients.

Why Choose a Professional Headshot Photographer?

You may think that taking a headshot or doing headshot photography is pretty simple, right? But no, headshot photography can be tricky if not done under the supervision of a professional. Choosing a professional will benefit you in the long run. Professional photographers can provide you with impactful headshots.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose a professional headshot photographer.

1.Help Enhance Your Facial Features

A professional headshot photographer is well versed in their field. They will have all the knowledge to enhance your facial features. Apart from that, they will also help in capturing the best side of your face. A professional photographer can help hide or emphasize your most delicate features. Their taken headshots will deliver you wishful results.

2. Knowledge Of The Subject

Taking a headshot is difficult, and not every photographer can do it well. Only a professional headshot photographer will have all the necessary knowledge to take exceptional headshots. They would know all the tips and tricks to bring out the best in you. From positioning to angling, lighting, and choosing the best backdrop, they will do everything in the best possible way.

A professional headshot photographer will have an in-depth understanding of shadows, lights, compositions, highlights, lines, depth, and vantage points. All in all, they will pay attention to even the smallest of things and detail that can enhance your headshot.

3. Have Sufficient Equipment

Equipment is essential in photography. If you don’t have the essential equipment to capture a photo, you will not succeed in it. Therefore, when you choose a headshot photographer for professional headshots over a regular photographer, you choose a person with all the necessary equipment. They will have the proper lighting and the right shooting equipment. Apart from knowing which lens is perfect for headshot photography, they will also have backup lenses.

It is always best if you ask the necessary questions before opting for a photographer. You can ask them regarding what equipment they will be using. Or what kind of headshots style they follow. Asking questions will help you choose the best professional photographer.

4. Give You Creative Ideas

Having a professional headshot photographer at your service will lead to exceptional results. They will know how to use the current location in ways that will enhance your pictures. Using their creativity, they will be able to experiment with light, backgrounds, and location. Creativity while taking photographs will showcase your true personality.

5. Understand The Psychology of Headshots

With years of experience, professional’s photographers develop expertise through which they know how to convey the message to the audience. Through their understanding of headshots, they can easily make you look friendly and fierce or approachable and powerful at the same time. They can do it all. They will make whatever message you want to express through your image a reality. A professional headshot photographer will know how to use the available elements to convey your story in the headshot.

A good shot can convey valuable information about your work ethic, personality, and character to your clients.

6. Provide Professional Guidance for Shoot

It’s common for people to struggle while being photographed. Choosing a professional photographer will lessen the struggle as the photographer will be helping you along the way. They will lead you in every step of the process and ensure that you get stunning results.

Headshots photographer that is professionals will also help you in the selection of your outfit. They will guide you in poses that you can strike and help you bring out your personality to be captured.

Looking For A Professional Headshot Photographer?

In case you are looking for a professional headshot photography service, then look no further. All Photos Considered is here to serve you with the best professional headshots services. Their team consists of passionate people who deliver the best professional headshot services.

The Last Word

Professionally taken headshots aren’t just for corporate or executive people. Everyone now needs one. If you still do not have one, we encourage you to seek professional photography services. All Photos Considered can help you check it off your list. Headshot taken by a professional will help open new doors that will bring fantastic career opportunities and future growth.


5 Trendiest Color Themes For Wedding In 2021

A perfect wedding is a dream for every couple, and picking up the perfect color themes for wedding is not an easy decision to make. That’s why we bring this guide to inspire the recently engaged couple who are planning to set their big day in 2021.

We will help you make beautiful memories with your family and friends that can’t be evaded from the camera of your wedding photographer. Luckily, by learning about the trendiest color themes for wedding ideas for your special day, you can throw the best ceremony for you and your partner.

1.      Dye All With Green

If you are planning to celebrate your wedding with green foliage décor, this is your color themes for wedding. Green is famous for being praised for a big day, as you can see it everywhere and it defines nature. It’s a happy color for everyone with a lot of exciting elements.

Deep emerald green color will completely transform the space and gives off a dreamy vibe of fairytale romance to the couple. Indeed, this sage color is great to have in 2021.

2.      Bloom All With Purple

Setting purple for the wedding theme can be rich and romantic for the couple. This bold color can easily catch the interest of the guests and reclaim everything beautiful in sight. Its versatility makes it an appealing choice for every season and wedding style.

In case you have availed drone aerial photography services for your wedding, then purple will definitely catch every sweet memory, including the big picture of the whole themed venue.

3.      Dazzle All With Black

Black is bold – Black is high on trends in 2021. Black is the color that easily stands out in the crowd, making it the best choice of color themes for wedding. With this color, you have the option here to wear a white gown and shine among the crowd while your best gals dress up all in black.

You may even kick-off your wedding celebration with the perfect black and gold combo invitation cards and a mysterious black cake with the touch of camera-shinning glitters.

4.      Paint All With Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is not just a color but an enchanting ideogram itself! It blends perfectly with all the other colors to give the venue a splendid look. The bouquet of dusty rose looks stunning with the bride’s white gown, giving her an elegant appearance.

You can use a delicate laser-cut pattern to leave your guests in awe, while your wedding videographer can record all these memories in his camera for you.

5.      Get Royal With Classic Blue

Classic blue is the color that goes right with all your wedding aspects. You can use it for table linens or invitation cards. You can also incorporate this color with the groom’s suit to give a royalty look.

Make your wedding classy with classic blue!

In A Nutshell

A wedding is a day that makes everyone emotional, so why not making it colorful for the couple? So, then they will have many special memories to reminisce about in the future.

In case you want wedding photography services for your family or friends, contact All Photos Considered for a valuable photography experience.


Top 6 Reasons to Have an Engagement Shoot

We know that wedding preparations can be pretty overwhelming. But that does not mean that you miss out on your engagement shoot. You can consider it a pre-wedding shoot to understand your style better and the kinds of photographs you would want for your main event.

Let us give you some practical reasons that will help you to realize the significance of having an engagement shoot.

Know Your Photographer

If you are taking the same photographer’s service for all your events, then an engagement shoot can be a great chance to get to know them on a deeper level. You can take it as an excellent opportunity to connect with them and understand their style of work. A good rapport with the photographer leads to a smooth photo session filled with relaxation and enjoyment—a good practice session for the couple.

Camera Can Be Your Friend

Undoubtedly many of us are camera-shy, and posing in front of it, especially for such a significant moment of one’s life, can turn out to be even more stressful. The expectation of getting every angle right may lead to a bit of anxiety.
An engagement shoot is a golden chance to release that stiffness and uncomfortable feelings you may feel whenever in front of the camera. It can be a massive opportunity to pre-prep and become a pro in styling in front of the lens on your big day. You learn how to be yourself in front of the camera.

A Clear Idea

No matter the amount of previous work of a great photographer, there is some uncertainty of the final result. A photographer’s portfolio can determine their quality of work, but for couples, there is still a concern about how they would look and the way their photographs will turn out to be. Good engagement results can boost motivation and confidence for your future events; that you two look incredible.

A Special Moment Preserved

Engagement is usually a short-lived time, but it does have its magic – you wouldn’t want to miss out on it. It is a time when you are getting near to living your entire life together. An exciting period indeed. And preserving it into beautiful photographs will make it even more extraordinary.

Be Expressive

An engagement photoshoot is different in many ways from all the other occasions. Yes, even from a wedding. It is the first time a couple is expressing themselves in a slightly different way. It can be a great chance to enjoy the bond, strengthen it, and show the couple’s affection for each other. You can make your engagement shoot elegant and save that wonderful time forever in an album.

Time Together

Busy and occupied in our daily lives, we often skip out on giving our loved one’s quality time. So many responsibilities to fulfill that we forget to enjoy the beautiful moments. However, an engagement photoshoot can be your best chance to enjoy each other’s company. A simple tip: if you get in the moment and forget about the camera, your photographs will turn out to be excellent.

Your Gateway

As much as an engagement shoot has countless benefits, it is also equally vital to hire the right photographer. If you are also looking up for a photoshoot for any of your life’s special occasions, then there is no need to look afar. All Photos Considered provides exceptional photography and videography service for all special events with its highly talented team. You can find affordable engagement photographers easily.

The Bottom Line

Photos tell a story. It is better to take engagement shoots as a fun way to express yourself as a couple. Take risks, flaunt your style, be creative. It is better to take it as an opportunity to make the camera your friend, learn about your best angles, work around the lens. Photographs are best when they are natural. So don’t focus on being perfect. Focus on being yourself.

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