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Advantages of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has always been interesting as it has never failed to provide scenes of exquisite beauty. It can be primarily due to the reason that we do it in a slightly different way. You don’t have to stand similar to how we usually do for a regular camera. And the view it provides is even stunning and breathtaking. It gives a bigger and better picture that propels you to keep looking at it for long.

Aerial photography has widened our options for viewing a location. When once we only used to see an area from a single angle, today we can get a bird’s eye view swiftly. The wish to somehow go up in the air to reach a more comprehensive outlook is efficiently achievable due to Aerial Photography.

French photographer and balloonist Nadar was the first person to do aerial photography in the year 1858. As time passes by, the use of aerial photography widens for more than one purpose. Apart from its usage in topographical mapping, it is playing a prominent role in other areas, including filming, videography, special events, and more.

Advantages of Aerial Photography

Let’s look into some of the exciting advantages Aerial Photography has to offer:

  • It provides a clear and crisp view of large areas that enables us to see the earth’s surface and attain maximum geographic awareness.
  • The level of details an aerial photograph provides is hard to see through our normal eyes.
  • Instead of viewing a photo from one angle, we can get a three-dimensional view of a particular surface, i.e., stereoscopic view.
  • Due to the time-freezing feature, it can thoroughly preserve the situation of a particular point in time.
  • It is a considerably cheaper, safer, and reliable way of taking photographs.
  • Photos are easily accessible as you don’t have to wait for days to view the photograph.

Types of Aerial Photographs

The aerial photographs divide into the following categories:

  • Vertical photographs
  • High oblique photographs
  • Low oblique photographs

With so much to offer, Aerial Photography has a lot of advantages when it comes to the coverage of special events:

Aerial Photography For Special Events

With times, aerial photography has played an integral part in events such as corporate parties, weddings, graduation parties, etc. It has undoubtedly made event coverage quite fascinating.

One of the reasons is the vast benefits it offers that subtract the presence of having a photographer standing all the time around you. It is achievable while maintaining social distancing and not missing out on the special moments.

Moreover, you get a broader, aerial view of the event that makes it richly aesthetic and extravagant. A single snapshot can give you a detailed image of the area that would otherwise require many pictures to cover. Whether it is an outdoor event or indoor, the view from the top is always mesmerizing.

Aerial Photography For Real Estate

With a real estate business, taking pictures with a regular camera may not be the right choice. If you want to make your place in the highly competitive real estate industry, hiring a professional real estate photographer is better.

Some significant advantages of professional real estate photography are:

  • It will provide the right angles to enhance the overall significance of the land/property, allowing your clients a better view of the amenities.
  • It will easily cover the complete scope of the land.
  • Given that Hollywood effect, you enhance the landmark footage and stunningly showcase the property with aerial photography.
  • It provides angles that are otherwise unable to take through a regular camera. An effective way to give a detailed view of the property is that clients find it quite interesting to explore.

Aerial photography is undoubtedly a great way to market your product, make yourself competitive, and impress your clients, and experience better sales.

Aerial Photography For Event Promotion

Drone photography is the new mainstream. It can be a great way to perform effective marketing of your business. A drone flying up in the air can give a remarkable view of the entire event. It looks pretty natural and exciting to have a broader view of how an event is unrolling and that everyone is having a wonderful time.

Apart from the countless number of angles you can utilize, you can provide live streaming of the event to make things even more enjoyable. You can use the aerial photos for marketing purposes on several social media platforms – a great way to attract the audience.

With so much to offer, it is time to utilize a drone for your next campaign.

Can You Do Aerial Photography?

Of course! You can do it. Anyone can do it. But the thing is, it does require a good amount of practice and learning before becoming a pro. You would want to take several shots to get the right kind of high-quality picture.

However, if you have just stepped into this journey, then it is better to hire a professional photographer for your events before you are completely ready. You can consult All Photos Considered and look into their incredible and highly skilled aerial photography service.

All Photos Considered – Best Aerial Photography Service

All Photos Considered, we are a renowned name in the photography industry. We provide excellent professional photography services that will change your perspective of event coverage services from good to extraordinary. We offer our services for construction projects, documenting events, real estate, and more. Our aerial footage provides all the information you need to deliver to your audience creatively and productively. Our Aerial Photography and event videographer services will leave your customers stunned and awe-inspired.


Aerial photography greatly aids in taking photos that are impossible to capture from the ground. Now we don’t have to hire a helicopter service and go through the dreadful licensing procedure to take the most beautiful aerial view of an event. Nothing is impossible to capture with the high-tech technology and great drone aerial photography services from All Photos Considered.

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