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We will help you prepare for a headshot session. Just contact us and let us know how you intend to use the photos. Are they for social media use or for general use? Communicating of what you are seeking out of the headshot session will help us convey the right impression for your portraits. We will determine whether you want a professional and approachable look or whether you desire a formal and creative look. At AllPhotosConsidered, we capture a wide range of varying styles to offer multiple choices.
We will help you choose the right outfit for the session. We highly understand that your entire outfit should be consistent with your sole purpose and intent. It should also be comfortable and well fitted with your personality.

Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is an amazing day when you commit to your significant other for the rest of your life. Your great wedding photographs will remind you about the great meal that was served for dinner and guests and the DJs who were present. When you choose our service, you are assured that we will help you create prestige portraits that will endure for generations to come.

Commercial Photography

For more than 15 years now, we have been helping clients bring life and emotion to their products and events. Perfect commercial portraits are those that instil emotion and create motivation for the viewers. Our many years of experience and great skills will enable us to bring life to staged events.

Family Photography

We provide professional family portrait sessions such as newborn portraits, birthday portraits, senior portraits, engagement portraits and maternity portraits. Whatever the occasion, we guarantee to create the best portraits for your needs.

Video Editing

Our video editing service will help you remove unwanted footages in your video, create flow and add effects such as graphics and music to get a top quality results.


We understand that styles and taste are different for everyone which also applies to cinematography. This is why we will talk to you prior shooting regarding your preferred colour. You will also let us know whether you prefer saturated, faded or dull colour.

School Photography

Whether it’s a portrait for the entire school or an individual portrait, our service is available to bring excitement to students in elementary, day care, public schools and private schools inside the school environment.

Private and Corporate Events

Our service will help you with photo shooting and video editing for corporate and advertising purposes.

Sports portraits

We love sports. Our service will help you capture the most exciting moments as well as the most devastating ones. We will help you take photos of your preferred sporting events, athletes and sports teams.

Real Estate Photography

Our real estate photography service focuses on both commercial and residential. We provide real estate owners, agents and brokers with high quality photos for properties. The images are delivered with high resolution or at a resolution that you specify. We really understand that you need to stand out from your competition and that’s why we enhance the photos to create an amazing look.

Aerial photography

Our aerial photography service will help you capture global landscapes and objects from different angles and perspectives. We use the best cameras and lenses to ensure that we get quality composition.

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