AllPhotosConsidered.com is a professional and reliable photography, cinematography and video editing studio in Florida. We believe that portraits are the best ways to preserve beautiful memories.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable photographer to create unique and extra special photos for your entire family, you are at the right place. We will help you display spectacular and incredibly beautiful portraits that capture your whole family at this very moment.

Our professional photography service is not all about capturing images on camera. It’s also about understanding your specific requirements and being attentive to detail to deliver final products that will make you happy.

Our service includes digital image manipulation such as wrinkle softening, smoothing and slimming.

After capturing your images on camera, we carefully adjust to optimize the images. We DON’T send you unprocessed images straight from our cameras. We make the necessary adjustments and enhancements to make spectacular portraits.

Call us at 2678388 to schedule your session.

Why Choose Us

Capturing memorable moments is the way of life for us. We truly care about the relationship that you have together with your kids, friends and family. Our aim is to help you keep those beautiful moments forever. We offer in studio shooting and locations of your choice shooting. Regardless of whether it’s a graduating ceremony, engagement ceremony, family reunion or business ceremony, we guarantee that we will meet and exceed your needs. All images will be perfectly retouched and enhanced. We are always committed to achieve excellence in every shoot and we have many years of great reputation in creating beautiful portraits full of love.

We care

We care about how you want to feel and look in the photos. We will help you determine the perfect outfit that is best suited with the portrait style that you want. We will offer advice and some examples of what you should wear for great results.


We are not the cheapest company and we are not the most expensive. Rather, our company is the most affordable and features a great studio space to create beautiful portraits just for you.

We use the very best

We use the very best equipment available today. We believe that when we use quality equipment, we deliver quality service as well which is exactly what we do.